Learning Approach then VS Approach now

Figuring out a game plan in learning to code

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At the start, I didn’t have a game plan on how I would learn HTML, CSS, and javascript what I needed to learn. I remembered reading over the HTML and CSS syntax through w3schools and thinking “holy crap I gotta know all of these!”. I later realized this is a common mistake many new developers make, so I’ve heard. When it came to CSS, it was way more syntax and concepts that I could handle. So I learned the very basics and moved on to a CSS framework like bootstrap, a big mistake on my part.

I should have taken the time to understand CSS before diving into a CSS framework. I’m going to be completely honest, I took one look at javascript and thought “I don’t know if I’m going to make it!”. Javascript’s syntax scared the crap out of me lol, just when I thought CSS was tough. At this point, self-doubt kicked in, and my confidence dropped heavily. I found my self drifting off out of learning to code. Sadly, it took me 3 or more months to get back into the groove but when I did I knew I needed a different approach to learning code or I would end up right back to where I started; in a funk.


Getting out of my “I’m a terrible programmer, I can’t learn all of this!” phrase I was able to come up with a plan to learn to code and to keep my focus. For the first two weeks, I would focus only on HTML and CSS filling my gaps about HTML and CSS. I was so strict with myself to the point that I have flash cards that I write on about the goals I set for myself, reminding me of my goals for the next two weeks. Building 4–5 projects using modern HTML and CSS was the objective for the next two weeks, along with making them responsive.

I know you might be thinking “How did you know it was time to move on to JS?” the answer to that question is, you’ll know when you’re ready. What I mean is when you’re able to look at a layout and can map out in your head what the structure would look and position elements or align items coordinately with ease only then you will be ready to start working with Javascript. For the rest of the 3–4 weeks, I focused my attention on Javascript filling my gaps and creating projects using important concepts of javascript.



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