What techniques you need to know/learn to build web apps

Two little things called CRUD and Authentication, well there are not so little lol

  • CRUD operations
  • Authentication


The famous create, read, update and delete still remains one of the most important concepts when creating web apps. Some examples are:

  • Social media apps (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Shopping cart apps (Amazon and Walmart, which implements auth as well)
  • Simple To-do app


And then you have authentication for those who are not quite sure about what auth is, it’s the process of logging in or registering in order to access a site. This is similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, etc. In order to access your dashboard page, you need to either login or create an account(register).

Getting the hang of these two concepts is highly important. It might seem daunting at first at least I know it was for me. But once I practiced each one individually I was able to put the pieces together. I started off learning crud operations by creating a basic to-do app, yes I said todo app lol. I know what your thinking “Ugh BORING! “. Yes, I agree but this was my learning curve. I wasn’t focused on what I was building at that time but merely on the principles of CRUD. After I accomplished this I was ready for more interesting things like building a shopping cart only using CRUD, not auth. With the Todo app and a simple shopping cart under my tool belt, I was ready for my next challenge, which was authentication. Since I’m learning auth and don’t have any previous knowledge I created a small project, nothing too fancy as it would throw off my focus at hand which is learning auth. I only had 3 components total in my app, which were the login page, register page, and home page. The goal would be for a user to sign in or register in order to see the home page. In the future, I plan on doing a series maybe on how I learned these concepts individually through small projects.

  • For a side note, I have been using Vue to create my projects. I think it’s a wonderful framework in my opinion. However, I would like to learn other frameworks like React in the near future.

If this article helped you in any way, give it a clap! :). I will be creating more posts about my experiences and what I do to learn web development. Until then, enjoy guys!

Learn. Build. Contribute :)



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